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Corrupt Officers And Others Will Be Expelled: Dampare To End The Careers Of Some Police Officers

The Ghana Police Service has been known for so many bad things even though they do their best to stop several criminal activities in the country. The bribes they have taking on the streets, their corrupt nature and others. The IGP on his visit to some places in the Ashanti Region on the 30th November to the 1st of December made so many things clear to his officers and one of them was about their conduct in the country.

The Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare stated that they are putting measures in place to be unleashed on any Police officer who was found doing something other than the instructions and advice he had given them. He talked about the fact that bribe taking should be stopped with immediate effect and even though this has been said long ago, some officers still go about taking bribes.

"If anyone comes to the office and place bribes on your desk, tell them to take it back. Enough of the curses and bad things the public are saying about us. Let us change the image of the service, let us serve our nation well, let's not be harsh on the civilians else we are abusing their rights. I don't want to see anyone going home because he/she has done something bad but I want every Police Officer to enjoy life, even after retirement. Notwithstanding, if you don't stop your corrupt ways voluntarily, we will be forced to unleash the necessary rules on you", he said.

He also said he is going to clean the service by expelling recalcitrant ones from it. A new image is being created and if you don't join him or help him achieve that, you will be out leaving the good ones in the service. He also added that taking of bribes is not a salary because they are paid at the end of every month.

This statement by the IGP is going to help bring sanity into the system and all others will have a new perception about the service if indeed he sees to it that he goes after the bad ones as he has said. The taking of bribes is too much and shameful.

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