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A fight between two fetish priests on streets of Kaduna causes heavy rainfall

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This article is about an incident that took place in Kaduna state of Nigeria. Two fetish priests were caught on camera fighting each other. Fetish priests, commonly referred to as "Juju men" in Ghanaian societies are people who are believed to be charged with a lot charms and super powers. They usually live in the outskirts where they serve deities and gods. Because of how powerful they are believed to be, most people turn to them in times of need or trouble for divine intervention.

The two fetish priests in this article were not in their shrines as it is usually expected of any priest. They were caught in a video battling each other on a street in the Kaduna state of Nigeria. According to sources, the fight began when the two of them approached each other at a junction that links three streets. Onlookers said they did not know what the cause of the fight was so they presumed the two of them were just testing their individual strengths.

The incident took place at the time of a heavy down pour. Some people attributed the cause of the heavy rains to the fight between these two priests. The two wrestled each other for a while before people came around to separate them. They refused to be separated and continued throwing themselves on the hard asphalt until eventually one of them landed in a gutter.

The incident took place in the early hours of Sunday. Although the main cause of the fight is not known, the fascinating circumstances around it, especially the heavy down pour makes the entire incident interesting to watch.

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