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Remember The Boy Bullies Called a Monkey? See His Current Transformed Life Together With His Mother

This Rwandan boy is known as Zanzimana Elly who often appear in the news because of his physical looks. This is the more reason why he drew people's attention to the humiliation that his fellow human beings gave him because he was born differently.

Zanzimana Elly was humiliated in every way when bullies nicknamed him a monkey because of his physics and behavioural patterns.

Zanzimana Elly's mother revealed that she treats him always as an animal and that this statement might cause people to make gest of him and an assault to the small boy. Born in 1999, Zanzimana Elly is the only remaining child within his family after his elder five siblings suddenly passed away.

Picture of the house they were gifted

Zanzimana Elly and his mother had been living in the past, previous videos shows them in a house built with moud, but fortunately, Afrimax now built and equipped them a beautiful house through the Blessing of God. Electricity and clean water are provided for them in the house as well.

The first time they traveled in a car

Both had the benefit, for the first time in their lives, and they of travelled in a car for the very first time, and this saw them bust into happiness.

After he was enrolled in school

Now Zanzimana Elly has been enrolled in school and he now has privilege to learn some English and be educated even though he has difficulties in communicating with people.

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Afrimax Rwandan Zanzimana Elly


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