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Wicked Wife Hired Assassins To Kill Husband

Hmmm. This world is full of wickedness. A man ( Name withheld) has narrated how his loving wife hired assassins to get rid of him.

According to the man, their relationship was a happy one, but things took a different turn along the line. This was as a result of a little misunderstanding.

This shocking news was revealed to the man by one of the robbers that his wife hired to get rid of him. The robber told him that his wife had hired a gang (consisting of 4 men) he was a member of to end his life in order for her to get the opportunity to inherit his properties.

The man alleged that, the robber revealed that he (together with the other three men) charged his wife Ghc 80,000, but she negotiated till it was reduced to Ghc 40,000. She then agreed to make an advance payment of Ghc 10,000 and give the rest of the money to them after the accomplish the mission.

The man has been in shock after this revelation.


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