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The Abesim Killing: I see nothing wrong with it

Ghana as we know is only good are at talking. We wait for horrid events to occur in order to have something to talk about as we lazy about.

We turn to glorify riches than glorifying virtue. Only the wise and the disciplined can stand firm that the line been followed by many is not the best .

I don't really blame the killer of the Abesim children. We must all survive, should we not. His only problem is that he has been arrested and that is bad for him.

Ghana is gradually turning into a jungle, where the rule there is, survival of the fittest. I think he should had been a bit cleverer.

You all criticising him should know that, the economy is such tough that most people are not able to provide a three square meal in a day. Our politicians are driving around in the best of cars, you will have some politicians bragging about their wealth and being smart business men , but the fact still remains that these politicians only benefit largely from government contracts. Is the killer not equally good to ride in those fancy cars.

The Bible advises us to guide our hearts for from it comes all the issues of this world. Ask yourself if you can even kill a fowl, so if someone has been able to kill three people why should you attempt to crucify and bastardise him. He killed for a reason not for the mere fan of it. Please accord Richard with some respect, for he has done what many people in this world cannot do. Are you that ambitious, no someone is.

Do you know the pain one goes through when all your friends are making it big but you seem not to find your way out. The end surely justifies the means.

He has been arrested but there are many more people who have been killing for the same reason but no one finds out. Even if those children had not been Killed , they would die in one way or the other. What if a stray bullet had hit them to death or we are only interested in the way one dies but not being dead.

Please we need to hold our elders responsible for any bad thing that happens to the youth, rent in this country cannot even be controlled and supervised. Landlords charge whatever amount they deem good.

Our police and authorities always want the easy way out. When someone kills the person is arrested, who you still you are arrested, These are not security minded people. You wait for someone to kill before arresting the person.

Please treat the killer with a human face, know that he killed for a reason.

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