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Floods Hits Workers in Nkawkaw Adoagyire

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Today's article talks about a flood that have occurred in Nkawkaw Adoagyire in the Eastern Region of Ghana by Heavy Rainfall.

In every year, Ghana experienced so many number of cases on flood happening in the country. It normally causes a lots of people to lose their lives and properties and sometimes affect workers around the area or the place that the flood occurred to work. This has being a very big challenge facing Ghana in various Regions in the country.

Today at Nkawkaw Adoagyire after a heavy Rainfall storms and causes flood which affected a lots of people not being able to work for today. As you can see in the photo as water over flowed one popular MoMo Agent (Michael Kay Ventures) work place, affecting him to work for today. This will cause him to lossed income for today's work.

This photo too shows over flowed of water which has caused a cold store (Amenuveveve Cold Store) and a carpentry shop not being able to opens for today work. It is very sad considering that anytime there is heavy rainfall, even when it is not heavy rainfall you will see all this places flooded.

This photo too shows the over flowed of water that caused popular beans seller not to work for today because her work place is full of water. This will cause her to losed her customers for today. All this flood is caused by poor drainage system in the area.

This photo too shows over flowed of water in one of the houses at Nkawkaw Adoagyire affecting tenants very much because all their properties was been damage by this flood. They even find it difficult to get out.

Could it be that, the citizens around this area are doing something which is not right causing this flooding or the government can be blame for this incident!?.

I will be happy if the authorities who are responsible to solve this problem can do immediate actions on it to prevent this flood been destroying and affecting people who work there.

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