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A Fisherman Caught This Dangerous Sea Creature in His Traps, What Could The Name be? (Photos)

There are alot of strange creatures in this world, especially on land and in the sea. Some of these creatures are violent, while some of them are easy going without doing any harm to human being.

A tall and very talented young fisherman caught this dangerous looking sea creature in his traps while embarking on his daily fish hunting. The fisherman identified as Bekumo is from the Arogbo community in the Ese-Ondo local government area in Ondo state, Nigeria. Mr Bekumo said he caught this sea creature alongside other regular fish.

No one is familiar with the sea creature, they don't know the pros and cons after consuming it. Not all sea creatures are good for consumption, so investigation is still ongoing.

It isn't clear what the name of these scary creature is and if it is good for consumption or not, but it only takes a brave man to catch this type of creature and take it along with him.

He said he had seen this creature a long time ago but had not had the privilege of catching it. He woke up around 5:30 a.m. as usual to check his traps. He has five traps in the northern part of his community and three in the southern part.

According to him, the traps in the north did not give good results after a long paddle to get there. He succeeded in succeeding this sea creature and fishing in southern traps.

Does anyone knows the name of this strange creature? please let's share knowledge with your opinion

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Bekumo Nigeria.


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