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Kumbugu Flood Victims Given 7000 Acres Of Land For New Settlement

Last year, there was a heavy rainfall in the Northern part of Ghana which affected many residents of Kumbugu. Those who were most hit by the tragedy were those who were living in the lowland. Naturally, water settles only on lowlands that is why, these residents of Kumbugu were affected by the rain most. Many of their properties were carried away as well as their live stocks.

There were calls for help and the Chief of Dalun Dalunlanaa Mahama Amidu heard his people cry and extended a hand to elevate them from their struggle. He gave them 7000 acres of land in the other for them to begin settlements on higher grounds to avoid the next flood.

During this disaster, two communities Afayile and Nawuni were affected the most. After handing over the land to the people, works and housing engineer officer for Kumbugu District, Ameyaw Zaribu embarked on his work by providing demarcation plans, an extension of electricity and water to the new area.

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