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Check Out Lovely Pictures Of Mahogany Geter Who Is A Model Despite Her Condition

 Mahogany Geter was born with Lymphedema, a long-term condition where excess fluid collects in the body’s soft tissue, causing swelling on her left leg. 

Trolls online have since called her deformed and have even compared her leg to a ham roll. A few have advised amputating the leg to look better.

Mahogany Geter wants online trolls to know that she loves every part of herself including her 100-pound left leg.

Doctors diagnosed her with the disability shortly after she was born. Although there’s no cure for the illness as of yet, Getter regularly gets physiotherapy and lymphatic drainage massages in order to manage her left leg’s excessive fluids.

Instead, she emphasized the importance of using her disability to inspire others to “celebrate their differences,” and shared that she’s “proud” of what her body can do.

In this life don't let your bad condition & situation weigh you down or stop you from actualising your purpose in life. Let Geter story inspire you.

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