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The Suicide Note Left By My Daughter Was Fake, Says Leticia's Father

The father of Leticia Kyere Pinaman, has revealed that he does not believe his daughter committed suicide as the school authorities claim.

Further informations from Mr Williams Kyere indicates that, initial physical examinations done by the doctors on his daughter’s body did not confirm that his daughter committed suicide.

At the Regional Hospital in Sunyani, a mark was seen inside her left arm, indicating that something fishy has happened to my daughter. She had neither eased nor urinated on her body, as discovered after the doctor’s physical examination, Mr Williams told Journalists in Sunyani.

Mr Williams furtherly stated that “the tongue is intact, her eyes closed, and those saying her daughter committed suicide are neither here nor there. They did not sight any suicide note as stated by the public.”

“The suicide note as they say was left by my daughter was fake, she was in pain how can she leave behind a necklace, which was supposed to be given to one Silicon, that can’t be true” 

“My daughter is an Adventist and she doesn’t put on rings and necklaces, so all those things are fabrications” We are waiting for pathologist to confirm or ortherwise.” Mr Williams Kyere furtherly indicated.

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