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Four Common Facts Abesim Murder Case Has With Takoradi Girls’ Saga

Today, we are being overwhelmed with news about the serial killing of teenagers in Abesim. We might have lost memory of what the murdered Takoradi Girls saga thought us in 2018. An entire city was thrown into anxiety when the number of missing kids begun to rise.


Residents easily concluded that a child had been kidnapped when in fact that person had gone missing. The investigations carried out at the various crime scenes, especially at the residence of the prime suspect, Samuel Udoetuk Wills bears resemblance to Richard Appiah’s.


In this article, I present some intriguing detail which you might have overlooked in your analysis of reports that had been published ever since the suspect was arrested. These facts will make you rethink your safety and perception of a serial killer or a criminal.


1.     Prefer To Live In Isolation

Just as the Nigerian suspect in the Takoradi Girls’ case, Richard Appiah is the only occupant in the entire household. He is reported to have caused the removal of other occupants in the house so his criminal activity could be conducted without any interruption. According to reports, he is hardly seen outside the compound, and if he does it is when he wants to step out for a walk in the main community.


2.     Bushy Surroundings and Uncompleted Buildings

As observed at the crime scene, Richard’s house has some bushy cocoa farm behind it. It has an uncompleted building to the east and a small hill to the west, giving it a perfect cover to any inquisition. The entire house is fenced with wood and shields it against any observation by passers-by on the road in front of it.

In the Takoradi Girls’ case, the apartment of the murderer lies behind an uncompleted building on the roadside, and some bush is located at its rear. This was a perfect cover for the murder.


3.     Clothing of Victims Found In Room

In both cases, the clothing of the victims was found in the rooms of the suspects. Some of which were covered in blood. The rooms were all shabby and with a foul stench.


4.     Unknown Occupation

Richard Appiah concealed his criminal activities with numerous professions and occupations. He is presented as a footballer, an architect, a farmer, and a taxi driver. In the case of the Takoradi girls’, Udoetuk Wills impressed on residents as a mason, a contractor, an evangelist, and a laborer. All these were cover-ups to their crime as they wanted people to believe they lived a decent life.

Content created and supplied by: Blind_Justice (via Opera News )

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