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Lord Have Mercy, Two Kids Caught Smoking Shisha - Video Goes viral

A video has gone viral showing two underage youngsters heavily smoking shisha while being filmed by an adult. The video has elicited a range of emotions on social media, with many people expressing concern for the children's health.

The two girls are shown in the film sitting on a log, passing the Shisha pipe to each other and enjoying the act as if they were adults.

Shisha smoking, according to health professionals, causes more harm to one's internal organs than marijuana and, contrary to popular belief, is highly addicted.

Shisha is commonly given to aid patients in quitting smoking cigarettes and marijuana, however it does not appear to be effective.

Shisha is made up mostly of tobacco, but it can also include fruit or molasses sugar. Apple, strawberry, mint, and cola are some of the most popular flavors. The shisha pipe heats the tobacco and produces smoke by burning wood, coal, or charcoal.

Well, it is quite harmful for these children to engage in such behaviors, which will severely harm their health and potentially ruin their future if they become addicted.

Check out the video below:

Video source:

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