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A Ghanaian Mother Said ¢50 Is Not Enough, She Wants ¢500 As "Chop Money" For A Day (+Video)

A Ghanaian and a market woman said Fifty Ghana cedis (¢50) will not be enough for her as chop money for a day. Instead she wants Five Hundred Ghana cedis (¢500). That's is for her household. 

Her comments came after Yen News Ghana went to the market to find out from the women if they can use Twenty Cedis (¢20) to prepare a meal for their family. During the interview at the market place, many women couldn't stand the ¢20 as chop money for a day. Some women though listed some food they can manage with ¢20 but they end up saying there won't be meat. 

Among all the women the one that shocked Ghanaians most was this woman selling mineral water and soft drinks. When the journalist saw that the ¢20 was not helping, he asked the woman; 'how much chop money will be enough for you?'

"How much chop money, just for a day?" - the woman asked. 

Yes!! The journalist answered her. 

She said "Five" and the Journalist asked her Five what? You mean ¢50 ...?

"Ooooh!! ¢50 is not enough, I mean ¢500“ she snapped. 

Gosh!! The Journalist gaped for a moment, still incredulous!! Finally he asked; is your husband trading in Gold? Aww! The woman couldn't help it but out giggling. 

I think he should have asked the woman how many people she wanted to feed the ¢500 on then we can judge her from there. Nevertheless such an amount, just for a day is too much. We are in Ghana!!

Aside other bills, how much do you spend on food per a day? Watch video HERE.

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