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Kofi Bentil and Theo Acheampong cause massive uproar after they shared their views on fake titles.

Some people work hard to earn their academic credentials whiles others buy it from educational institutions. 

At the end of it all, their output would justify the knowledge they acquired during studies.

Today, April 3, 2021 the Senior Vice President and Policy Analyst of IMANI Africa, Kofi Bentil, has asserted on his Facebook page that acquisition of fake titles would demote a person’s credibility and status in a society.

Therefore, noble men and women should desist from such fraudulent act. 

‘Get this straight today!!

Fake degrees Reduce your standing. If you respect yourself and want to be respected, avoid them”, he said. 

Moreover, the outspoken Political Risk Analyst, Dr Theo Acheampong, also expressed his sentiments pertaining to how some people zealously haunt for academic credentials without studies. 

He wrote that 

"Dean Professor Dr XXX PhD"..... What a load of nonsense! Jesus didn't die for this mad craze for fake titles.”

Some of the reactions of netizens are stated below.

Martin Kafui Senanu replied Kofi Bentil that 

“Good point but do people with degrees have any better standing in our new world especially in Ghana? 90% holders use it to steal, defraud and scam”

Kwame Sarpong Asiedu replied Dr Theo Acheampong that 

“You go school 4-years for something you could have obtained in 4-month. You see say Theo you no kwallect?”

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