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Man who left hospital, later found dead in lagoon

Anloga District was thrown into a time of shock and suprise when a man who is in his early sixty years was found dead in a lagoon.

The incident happen precisely in Tegbi Agbedrafor near a new site which is under construction for Tegbi Caring Sisters Vocational School. Some group of people who were going for fishing found the dead body facing down and it was on top of the water.

According to reports, the man was sick and was sent to Keta Government Hospital , he was on admission at the same hospital but later realised by the facility authorities that he was no where to be found. Searches through sensitive places in and outside the hospital to find him but to no avail.

This frightened the hospital authorities and his Family about the whereabout of him, hence seek the assistance of the local radio station Jubilee Radio where announcements were placed on airwaves for anyone who found him to alert them.

On Tuesday 8th February 2022, the news broke about someone who was found dead in the lagoon. Not long ago, families arrived at the scene to identify the corpse and fortuanately and unfortuanately for them, it was the person they where searching for.

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