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45 year old Man arrested for defiling 6 year old girl in front of a container (Watch Video).

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There is this saying that goes like; "when someone (man) go in search of a love and that person do not find any soul mate, it definitely means that person did not rather go in search of his size (type)" as we are always advised to cut our coat according to our size. This should tell you that, no matter who you are, where you from and your situation in life, there is always someone somewhere who will definitely love you for who you are. In view of this is why am wondering what will make a 45 year old man defiled a 6 year old girl? Did he not come across grown up women of his age that he will talk to?

Take a very clear look at the picture above, looking at the right side of which you can see container is a screenshot of a particular video that was circulating online which captures the moment a 45 year old man was caught in the act defiling a minor girl in front of a container at 'Sowutoum Race course' of which reports say the girl who is in kindergarten is just 6 years of age.

Reports gathered by Mdk Banahene indicates that, the victim was with her elder brother who is 8 years of age, so in a strategy to get the small boy's attention away from him so he can accomplish what he had planned, he gave his phone to the small boy for him to play game and he eventually get the small girl to sit on his lap as he did whatever he want to the girl.

A good neighbor who noticed something strange from a far distance decided to record the scene and later inform authorities to get the man arrested. It's good he recorded the scene as it's alleged the man denied the allegations labelled on him whiles in Police custody but thankfully this video will serve as an evidence since the Police are still investigating the matter, I will keep on updating you on this matter if anything new arises. Thank You.

Watch the full video here (

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