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A/N: 47-year-old Man In Critical Condition After Cutting Off His Genitals In A Dream Appeared Real

A 47-year-old Kofi Atta, popularly known as Wofa Atta is currently battling to sustain his life at the St. Francis Xavier Hospital in Assin Fosu after he mysteriously cut off his genitals with knives while dreaming.

The victim who hails from Assin Akomfode in the Assin North District of the Central Region is said to have had a dream on Saturday morning that, he was slaughtering goat meat to help his wife prepare an even meal. He suddenly realized that, he was rather slicing away his genitals.

The victim's wife, Adwoa Konadu who had traveled before the incident explaining to Rich Fm and Angel FM reporter Kwame Owusu Asante Shadrack said she had a distress call from a neighbor that, her husband is bleeding profusely as he has cut off his manhood.

She swiftly rushed home and found her husband sitting on a chamber pot in a pull of blood with the genitals in his hand. Without delay, she bought pampers to support her husband's losing manhood and quickly rushed him to the hospital to seek medical attention.

Meanwhile, the victim had been referred to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi for further treatment but is still stuck in Assin Fosu due to financial constraints. She explained to Shadrack and your favorite writer Randasty while groaning for financial support.

The victim, whose voice sounded gasping owing to the pain he was going through while bystanders find it difficult to hear him also tried to explain himself.

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