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Ashawo' ladies beat man to death for refusing to pay after sex

A man believed to be in his early thirties has been beaten to death by suspected commercial sex workers. They claim he refused to pay the lady after having a good time with her. The lady went to call her colleagues and the result is what we are reading.

Across the globe, violence perpetrated against sex workers is common and associated with an increased risk of acquiring HIV. It also deters sex workers from seeking health services. Violence can happen anywhere, including at the workplace, and can be perpetrated by anyone by law enforcement officials, by intimate partners and clients.

In many settings, law enforcement officers themselves are the perpetrators, making instability and uncertainty the norm for sex workers trying to earn a living. Abusive law enforcement officers, accompanied by violence, extortion, sexual abuse, rape and mandatory testing for HIV and sexually transmitted infections, exacerbate the vulnerability of sex workers. For example, a survey of female sex workers in the Ghana found that rape during sex work was reported by two thirds of respondents and sexual coercion by police was reported by more than one third .

The case happen in "Suyani Newton" where this young man after patronising the services of one lady refused to pay. The body of the deceased is now at the hospital and the place the incident happened is also locked up.

What will make someone refuse to pay after patronage. Share your thoughts on this article in the comments box.

Source : Ghana web

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