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Road Accident

The Heroics Of Metro Mass Driver Helped Saved 70 passengers From being Burnt.

If not for the experience of Mr Maxwell Akrofi, a metro mass driver, Ghana wouldn’t have heard a good new as he played a big part to save 70 passengers from being burnt on the Accra to Kumasi road.

Not long ago we have head news of this nature where the passengers and the driver wasn’t lucky as this one.

 Speaking to Kofi Asante Ennin the host of “GhanAkoma” show on Akoma Fm he said

“But for my in-depth knowledge and decades of experience behind the wheels and God’s intervention, a different story might have been told,” 

He further explained 

“I smelled an unusual scent from the engine so I stopped the bus and ordered all the passengers to get down then I removed the battery from the engine hoping that it would foil any electrical mishaps. But a few minutes after I removed the battery, I realized sparks of torches beneath the engine then the blaze intensified and razed down the bus while the passengers stood helpless”.

  The passengers were really happy as they all applauded the driver for saving their lives

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