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Dumsor: The Real Epidemic Everyone Is Silent About

For some time now, the issues related to power outages across various parts of the country have been on the rise this year as it when down the previous years.

Power in terms of electricity has a major role to play in the growth and introduction of new business on the Ghanaian market as most businesses ranging from small to large businesses depend on electricity to work.

The economy of the country will be stable when electricity is stable since most businesses depend on electricity to operate and such of these businesses include the cold stores, who sells frozen foods. When there is too much power outage, it can cause fire outbreaks since most of the electric wiring in most house and marker places are not with inferior materials.

I think this issue with power outages tagged “Dumsor” can be solved when the Electricity Company of Ghana is left to be independent, devoid of any political influence since most of the parties use that sector of the economy for their political games.

The lack of maintenance culture is also one of the causes of these recent power outages across the country, since there are not funds allocated to the power sector for routine maintenance of the power stations and even power lines but the people in authority wait until the harm is already done and if there is a change in the maintenance culture of Ghanaians, there will be no future dumsor.

In conclusion, this dumsor situation can be solved when there is a change in the character among Ghanaians since most people are illegally using electricity without paying for hence leaving the state to run at a loss. And also the citizens must be vigilant about these illegal activities and make sure that report the perpetrators to the authorities.

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