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Woman Retells How An Unidentified Man Raped Her After She Got Drunk Years Ago

A woman from the Northern region of Ghana narrates how she was being raped by an unidentified man after she got drunk years ago. According to the woman she travelled to Kumasi to work as a house help in 2003 but the only language she could speaks and understands at that time was the Hausa language, this made her faced lots of difficulties in communicating with her boss.

She ran from that house and became stranded on the street for a couple of days before she got employed in chop bar. She worked hard to sustain herself and also save part of her payments, two years later her boss's son developed an interest in marrying her, she didn't accept the marriage because she was too young so she escaped from that place and travelled back to her hometown.

A month later, the boss's son and his family came to her hometown to perform her traditional marriage and brought her back to Kumasi to stay with them. The woman said she stayed with her husband peacefully, gradually developed love for him and produced two children. One thing she disliked about her husband was how he used to drink alcohol, she always advised him to put a stop to his habit but he never listened. One day she got stomach aches and also lost appetite.

The man helped her by offering her a herbal medicine he mixed with alcohol. The woman added that she got relieved from the stomach ache and was able to eat so well after taking in that drink. She continued drinking the alcohol for her to gain appetite before eating. This behaviour made her became addicted to drinking of alcohol before she eats on daily basis. The woman went on saying that her husband hid the drink from her but she secretly went to a nearby spot to buy some to drink.

If she doesn't consume alcohol, she can't even eat for the whole day. A few months later, her husband got the opportunity and travelled to Saudi Arabia. She too involved herself in a group of women who always sent her to a drinking spot to take in alcohol. The sad part was that she used to sleep with different men in a hotel whenever she gets drunk. One evening she became heavily drunk and an unidentified man took advantage of her and raped her that night but she was not able to save herself because she was so weak.

The woman said she regretted for getting drunk when she woke up the following morning and found out what happened to her. Due to her alcohol addiction and how men used to sleep with her, the husband gave up on her and divorced her. It was at that time that she came into her senses and realized that she has caused lots of harm to herself because of the alcoholism. She decided to quit drinking and truly God saved her from the alcoholism and she is now working to support herself.

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