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Road Accident

Very Sad: Eleven People Injured After Their School Bus Collided With Another Car

A road accident is an unwanted, unplanned and badly anticipated collision that takes place on the road network between a moving machine (in particular a motor vehicle, truck, motorcycle, bicycle) on the one hand and any other thing or person or animal, fixed or mobile on the other hand which causes human injury and/or material damage.

Many factors contribute to the risk of collision such as the condition of the roadway, the volume of traffic, unsuitable traffic speed, the road environment, the weather, the driver's experience, but also his behavior and physical condition. A school bus carrying pupils to school was involved in a collision this morning on the busy Ongata Rongai, Magadi road, Kenya.

While mounting the famed Posta Hill in Kenya, the accident occurred just past the Multi Media University gate. Karen C Primary School owns the bus in question. According to photos and stories posted online, the bus was packed of youngsters on its way to school when the sad tragedy occurred. The catastrophe is thought to have been caused by a mechanical issue on the bus, but no specifics have been disclosed.

The accident frequently occurs on a steep hill with no ascending lane. There have been no recorded casualties or injuries as of the time of publication. However, traffic was affected, with the bulk of motorists using alternate routes to the CBD, while others generated further delay by overlapping. We'll keep you informed about the development as well as any other information from the school administration.

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