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[Murder in Sunyani]: 30-years-old Contractor beheaded by his friend - Kwadwo Dickson reveals.

Sad news are happening and we must be very watchful with those we relate with. Kwadwo Dickson has finally disclosed the sudden death of a bolehole contractor in Sunyani who was Murdered by a friend. The contenace of Kwadwo Dickson suddenly change as a result of the report he received from Sunyani this afternoon.

Kwadwo Dickson revealed that, the murdered man goes by the name K.Bro. he is very popular popular in a village called Kotokrom in Sunyani. Kwadwo Dickson added that, K.Bro is very friendly and always working for the people in Kotokrom with all kinds of joy and happiness.

They wake up early this morning and found that K.Bro the Bolehole contractor was beheaded by a friend and he was dumped in a gutter at the road side. It was confirmed by Kwadwo Dickson and other news presenters that K.Bro is 30-years old and he love his work as a bolehole contractor.

"We experienced Dumsor yesterday and around 12:00am we heard that a man was beheaded in a gutter at the station. He rushed to the scene and we noticed it was K.Bro the Bolehole contractor. The murderer slashed his neck and dump him into the gutter. This morning the police officers in Sunyani informed us that, they arrested a man the previous night as blood stains his head. He put him behind bars and this morning he confirmed that, he killed K.Bro". - Angel TV Report narrates the whole case to Kwadwo Dickson.

What kind of world are we living in. This is very serious. Even though the police have arrested the murderer but that cannot compassate the family of K.Bro the Bolehole contractor in Sunyani.

The police must deal with the man very well and make him an excape goat for others to learn.

Use the link the watch the news from Angel TV this afternoon.

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