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Scam Alert: Recent Strategies Adopted By Mobile Money Fraudsters.

Despite the various measures taken by the telecommunications to curb mobile money fraud in the country. Such as, the introduction of ID cards before withdrawals and others. These fraudsters have adopted a new means to outsmart their victims.

The fraudsters now gather some vital information such as, the name of your children, the school they attend, their class and the contact numbers of the parents. These scammers gives you a call at the time when your child or children are in school. He/she then introduced himself as a teacher at the school. Mention the name of the target child and their stage. When you confirm their lines of questions then they released their ultimate venom.

'Your child has fallen sick and has been sent to the hospital. His condition is very critical and the doctor has demanded for a specified amount of money before commencing treatment'. He will then give the phone to his partner who pretends to be the doctor. They will do anything humanly possible to convince you to sent the money through mobile money within the shortest possible time.

This new strategy has been used to outsmart some parents recently and for that matter, I urge all parents and guardians to be on a lookout. Parents must get the contact numbers of their ward's teachers so that they could contact them in times like this for confirmation. Parents should talk to their children to refrain from giving out vital information to strangers who request from them. Information such as their name, school, class, mother's name and contact numbers.

We must also be careful with the mobile money agent who does our transactions. They are also capable of disseminate these vital information to the fraudsters.

Kindly share this information with friends and love ones to protect our hard earned money from these good for nothing scammers.

Content created and supplied by: Rassebe26 (via Opera News )


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