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The Murder Cases in Ghana Will Get Worse Before it Gets Better: Is Ghana Police Ready?

There has been constant news about murder cases in Ghana. In most of the cases, some body parts of the victims were amputated and either discarded haphazardly or buried. The situation has met a nationwide concern and that is very right. However, it is unfortunate that in Ghana, things rise up for discussion and no action will be taken to mitigate or curb the challenge.

Some notable crime cases include the Abesim murder case where a footballer by the name of Richard Gyamfi killed some teenagers and deposited their body parts in the fridge. This is heinous and preposterous for a gentleman who has the energy to work with his strength and earn good money. Besides, he is a footballer, so what really circumvented a talented person like this to abandon playing soccer and pursue killing people for whatever reason?

The Eastern region of Ghana also had a story about a 20-year-old Samuel Asare. This man had human parts in his room. His father actually reported him to the police after seeing that there is a human skull in his son’s room. The matter of the Kasoa teenage boys cannot be trivialized. It is also one of the matters that shows that there are security issues in Ghana.

In Ghana right now, there is a prolific number of murder cases and that is an indication of matters getting worst. This is the time that Ghana Police must sit up and work assiduously to curb the challenge. The good thing about the rise in the matter is that people have come to know what is going on and they would be interested to assist the police in fighting the challenge. However, the police should appear ready and fit to get the support of the people.

The Inspector-General of Police, George Akuffo-Dampare has a huge role to play in fighting this. In doing the following three (3) points, Ghana could see some better times as far as security is concerned.

The first and foremost point is the IGP’s involvement in many vital moves of the police. Most of the time, the IGP will be at the office and wouldn’t be felt on the field. This makes some police officers misbehave and abuse their uniforms. But if he stages a presence occasionally and involves himself in matters on the road, he will restore some sanctity and conventional on the road. If the police keep serious work on the road, they can run proper searches and pick important details.

Again, the Language of the police on the road is another important point. When the police stop a vehicle for search, they must use friendly tones that can derive important information from passengers and even drivers. Sometimes, the police abuse their uniform by using certain words that make them appear the god of the roads. They threaten to arrest you at any tiny thing- they don’t appear friendly and cool to share information with. That will elude people from disclosing information.

Lastly, the Symbolism of following the laws is very important to note for the Ghana police. Look, the adage says- leadership by example. If the police persist in making money on the road, then they’ve lost their respect in the eyes of the public. However, I commend the IGP for refusing to speed off in sirens but stayed in traffic with ordinary Ghanaians. This shows a mark of good leadership and discipline. With restored respect, the police force can help mitigate the murder cases that appear to be on surge in Ghana.




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