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Phone Snatchers Caught At East Legon And Brutally Beaten (Video)

Luck ran out for two motorbike-riding phone snatchers when they snatched a lady's phone last night in the East Legon area near Morocco spot.

A man witnessed the incident and gave them a hot chase and crushed them down. One managed to escape on foot leaving his partner in crime behind with the motorbike. Area guys quickly pounced on him and gave him the beatings of a lifetime.

Many complained of being victims of their nefarious activities in the area and did not temper their "justice" with mercy. Within moments of being captured, the robber got a deformed face and became covered in his own blood.

While you could hear a lady's voice in the background begging for mercy for him, another man was heard asking him why he wouldn't get a job or at least rob and attack the politicians who spend Ghana's money anyhow instead of attacking poor citizens.

When asked, he said he is from Katamanso. His escaped partner in crime is suspected to be one of his friends called "Kakyekpo" (meaning: try and see). The two are known by neighbors to be phone snatchers. They are said to always ride a Royal motorbike. The motorbike they were riding has been burnt and it looks like a Royal motorbike as was described by those who know them.

The East Legon divisional police patrol team was there in the nick of time to rescue him from the mob. The phone snatcher looked badly beaten but showed little signs of pain when the police kept him behind their pick-up vehicle. His posture led the police to suspect he was probably high on drugs and as such could not yet feel the full pain of his injuries.

The female victim whose phone they snatched also had some injuries on her legs and knees. She fell when they forcefully took the phone from her. She was seen limping. The police also put her in the back seat of their vehicle and took her along for medical treatment.

Watch the video here


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