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End Time: Check Out What This Pastor Was Spotted Doing To A Woman Even As She Begged Him To Stop

What is happening in this world see what man of God was doing to an elderly woman in Church.

According to the video on instagram the church members were watching the man of God using crutches to hit the woman on the floor all in the name of deliverance.

The victim was crying and begging the man of God to stop but the pastor continued to use the crutches to hit the woman even harder.

What is happening to some of our pastor's now, is that a new way of deliverance? Well only God can tell.

But it very sad to see an elderly woman being maltreated like this in public.

According to the video the woman was cripple and in the cause of healing her that is why the man of God is using the crutches to hit the legs of this innocent woman.

Please don't forget to drop your comments after watching this sad video.

Please click on the link to watch this sad moment as a man of God beat a woman with a crutches all in the name of deliverance.

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