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5 funny but weird Guinness World Records holders.

History, History, History. Arh, don't we love history. Lots of people out there have created history and have been celebrated in the Guinness Book of World Records. Some have also set some of the most strange, bizarre and weirdest world records that have ever existed. Here are 5 weird and funny records you didn't know existed.

1. Nick Stoeber (the longest tongue). Nick Stoeberl aka "The Lick" from Monterey, California holds the Guinness Book Of World Records for having the longest tongue , measuring 10.10 cm since 2012. Wow isn't that funny and amazing.

2.Garry Turner (record for the stretchiest skin) Due to a rare medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Garry Turner from Britain can stretch the skin of his stomach to 6.25 inches. For those who don't know, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is a connective-tissue disorder where the collagen becomes defective, and includes the loosening of the skin and hyper-mobile joints. Amazingly, when he stretches his skin, he doesn't even feel any pain.

3. Lee Redmond (longest fingernails in the world). Lee Redmond from America took nearly 30 years to grow her nails out. She started growing her nails way back in 1979. And, in case you are wondering, her nails are 28 feet and 4 inches long in total, if you add up the length of all the finger nails. Obviously this is extraordinary, some of us can't even stop biting our nails daily. Carbi got nothing on her. This is amazing and funny.

4. Ram Singh (longest moustache). Ram Singh Chauhan from Jaipur, India has the longest moustache at 14 feet. His facial hair was measured in Rome, Italy on the set of the Italian TV show "Lo Show dei Record" in 2010. And, he hasn't cut it for over 37 years. 37 years, wow the moustache is a full grown adult.

5. Antananarivo Kontrimas of Lithuania (the heaviest weight lifted by a human beard). Shocking right? Well It's true. In 2013, Antanas lifted 63.80 kg with his beard. Shocked? During his performance he lifted the presenter of the show Gupse Özay'ın. What a weird way to make history

Weird right??? Do you think you can be a Guinness Book of Records title holder?

What will you be known for???

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