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Exclusive Video: Angry Youths Chase Police Van Out At Ejura Even Under Hot Water.

After killing two people in the aftermath of Kaaka's death, the youth of Ejura do not understand why they should be cordial with the police. When the lifeless body of Fix the Country activist was taken to be buried and the police arrived, their rage exploded like a volcano. In the Ejura neighborhood, there is still a lot of stress, fear, and terror. To keep things from spiraling out of control, a state curfew must be imposed on them right away.

A new film depicts enraged youths chasing a police water cannon or van, demonstrating how great wrath has built up in their hearts. Some threw stones at the van, while others armed themselves with sticks and other small weapons. The cops had no choice but to turn the van around and go.

To de-escalate the situation, Ejura's chief and traditional counsel decided to speak with the leaders of the Muslim community in Ejura and encourage their enraged youngsters to let peace prevail in their town. This is a positive move because if the situation that appears to be claiming lives is not resolved quickly, something terrible could occur.

Similar uprisings have flipped neighboring countries on their heads, and we should learn from them. A recent example can be found in Nigeria.

Watch video here

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