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Top Five(5) most dangerous Prisons in the world. Number two is super dangerous

Criminals or law offenders usually end up in prisons. Some spend weeks, months, years and even lifetime in prison. Aside keeping you from the society, some are given additional work to do when in prison.

There are several prisons out there in the world and in today's article, let us look at the top five most dangerous prisons in the world.

#5. Tadmor Prison

Tadmor Prison is located in Syria. It is one of the most oppressive detainment facilities in the world. The prison is noted to be dangerous because, there have been several shootings and death cases at the cells. Most persons who get there feel scared they might be executed. It is a place which keeps or detain top criminals.

#4. Mendoza Prison

No one might think this prison exist. It is located in Argentina. Mendoza Prison is known to be dangerous because of the huge number of prisoners at the one cell. The prison is over crowded. The heat in various cells might cook egg. Health care facilities in the cell barely works. People often die in the cells due to the heat and no fresh air at the cells. There are also no proper sewage system at the facility. Prisoners are forced to use plastic bags and bottles as their washroom. 

#3. Diyarbakir Prison

This prison is also located in Turkey. It is known to be dangerous because of the number of human rights violations per inmate. It is built to hold only 700 prisoners at a time. Visitors are not allowed to speak to their imprisoned loved ones. Any word they speak to them can be judged against them and the necessary punishment will be given to the prisoner.

#2. Camp 22

It was at first a secret prison on North Korea. It holds a huge number of prisoners at a time. It is known to be a dangerous place to be because of the work prisoners do. Prisoners are sometimes made to work 12 hours non-stop in a day throughout the whole week. This is the definition of hard labour. People die often at this cell. It keep prisoners with top criminal records. It is a dangerous place to be.

There are no official pictures of the prison. All pictures were taken by google map.

#1. Black Dolphin Prison

This top prison is located on Russia. It is believed to host all sort of criminals. The prisoners are not allowed to sit or rest from when they wake up until it is time to sleep, and they are also blindfolded and held in stress positions while being transported around. Prisoners are treated bad because they believe it is what they deserve.

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