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Osama Bin Laden Didn't Die a Natural Death, See The Face Of The Sharp Shooter Who Killed Him(Photos)

The son of Tom O'Neill, Jim & Diane Johnson and Tom O'Neill's brother, were born in 1975 or 1976. In Butte, Montana, O'Neill called his infancy "idyllic." He graduated from Butte Central High School in 1994 and attended Montana University of Technology. He and his wife had been legally separate until February 2013, and O'Neill married in March 2004 with at least two children.

In an undercover interview in February 2013 O'Neill told Esquire that during Operation Neptune Spear he killed Osama bin Laden. In late 2014, before the credit was given to Fox News and the Washington Post on the same subject, another special forces officer who were protesting the "code of silence that prevented them from public recognition of their conduct" leaked O'Neill's identity. O'Neill said that bin Laden was cornered by him and another undisclaimed member of SEAL Team Six, and that O'Neill shot at the terrorist leader after the other SEAL fired and missed.

As from August 2020, O'Neill's assertions had been neither confirmed nor refuted by the US federal government, while Chief Rear Admiral Brian L. Losey and Force Master Michael Magaraci encouraged all SEALs to abide by their code of silence by saying, "The essence of SEAL's Naval Special Warfare is its ethos. A fundamental tenant of our culture is: 'I do not advertise or demand approval of the essence of my work.'

Our ethos, both within and without service, is a lifetime contribution and duty. No teammates in good reputation, nor teammates representing the Naval Special Warfare are violators of our ethos.

O'Neill told CBS News that he wanted to claim the murder of bin Laden "I think it's a hard secret, everybody's been proud to keep it. I feel we've done it, clearly." The Islamic State of Irak and the Levant reportedly assaulted O'Neill and his family in 2015. In 2017 he published a book on the SEALs, the naval counter-terrorism and the Neptune Spear operation, with Simon & Schuster.

See more pictures of him below:

O'Neill started acting as a motivating speaker when he was separated from the US Navy. He contributed to the Fox News cable channel in 2015.

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