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Man mistakenly poisons his only daughter at Domeabra

Man mistakenly poisons his only daughter at Domeabra

The circumstances we find ourselves in, will always lead us into making hasty and nasty decisions. The life Mr. Boakye Ntim was going through, lead him into taking the life of his only child, who was almost at her final year in university. Ntim Boakye Kofi, is a man who is well known in the Domeabra town of the Akim North District. He was the talked about man in the town, until he lost his wife in 2017. Mr. Ntim was going to a nearby town of Domeabra on the 15 of May 2017, when a tipper truck driver from nowhere, plugged into the taxi they were in.

The tipper driver was descending a slope from Agogo, whiles the driver of the taxi which Mr. Ntim and his wife was in, was ascending the slope. The tipper hard a brake failure, and plugged into the taxi. From the driver to the passengers sitting behind the driver, all died on spot. Mr. Ntim was sitting in front of the taxi with the driver, but was able to escape the accident because, the tipper did crashed into the driver side. Mr. Ntim's wife Comfort, was among the passengers sitting behind the driver, that lost their lives on the spot.

Mr. Ntim couldn't take the accident as it killed his spirit, to see his lovely wedded wife leaving him, to six feet. Mr. Ntim who never knew how to use alcohol, suddenly became a friend to Alcohol, and couldn't stop drinking. He lost his teaching job, because of his excessive drinking. His supervisor and education officials did their best to help him stop drinking, but he couldn't just stop drinking, because it was drink that made him forget his worries.

Mr. Ntim on the 23 of December 2020, went out early in the morning, and came back home well drunk. His daughter Esi tried getting him to bath, but she wasn't lucky as the father was already sleepy, and dozing off. Mr. Ntim slept, before Esi could ask him, to go and shower. He woke up very hungry, and went to the kitchen for food to eat. There was nothing for him to eat as Esi, was already in the market, shopping for Christmas goods. Mr. Ntim who was still under the influence of alcohol, tried to prepare something to eat.

In so doing, he mistakenly took a rat poison, as an isodated salt. The man who was still a bit drunk, could not tell whether it was salt or not. So far as he saw the whitish powder, he imagined it to be salt. Rats were disturbing Esi in the kitchen, so she bought a rat poison in a white powder form to kill rats, but her drunk father took it as an isodated salt. Mr. Ntim used the poison, in an oil rice he was preparing. Esi came back from the market, and saw her father struggling to cook in the kitchen, so she took over and prepared the food.

Mr. Ntim went for top up of his drink, as soon as Esi took over the cooking, from him. Esi who didn't know the father has mistakenly poisoned the food, tried to taste it after cooking, and that was when she met her death. Nobody was home in the self compound house, when Esi was trying to get help. Esi who lives with her father alone, in their three bedroom self contained, couldn't survive and collapsed. Well wishers who brought Mr. Ntim home, because of his over drinking, found Esi dead and hard. She was taken to the Juansa hospital, but was already dead in coma when they got there. Doctors placed her on life support, but she couldn't come back to life. Esi who was placed on life support on the 23 December 2020, was taken from life support yesterday 30 January 2021, and declared dead.

Mr. Ntim who was drunk when this happened, cried after he became aware of what has happened. He couldn't hold his tears and cried for forgiveness, from both the spirits of his late wife, and daughter. Mr. Ntim is still with the Agogo Police station waiting for court appearance. Family believes it was a mistake, and their brother should be free, but the law doesn't work as such. Mr. Ntim will know his fate when he faces the Agogo Magistrate Court tomorrow morning. The Oyoko family of Mr. Ntim hopes to secure help for him, but they have no where to go. Esi, Mr. Ntim's daughter will be buried on 26 February 2021.

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