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The Police is capable of managing civil unrest; Keep soldiers in the barracks.

The several occasions of military brutalities in the country, and the recent deployments of soldiers in almost every civilian unrest in the country, portrays the Ghana Police Service as one useless organization incapable of maintaining or restoring calm in such situations. But that is farther from the truth. 

The Police Service is a well-structured security organization comparable to any other security services around the world. The various departments and units of the service is professionally created with a clear jurisdictional mandate. 

A close look at these Ghana Police units would reveal one thing; that it has all the structures of modern policing for every situation that arises within the country. For instance, during riots, the Formed Police Unit (FPU) is well curved for crowd control. In fact, the FPU is the unit of the Police the United Nation use for coiling international disturbances and in peacekeeping operations. They are trained for specialized expertise and capacities, which may include: close protection, crime analysis, forensics, investigation, public order management. 

Then, there is the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). This unit is a designated law enforcement team, whose members are recruited, selected, trained, equipped and assigned to resolve critical incidents involving a threat to public safety which would otherwise exceed the capabilities of traditional law enforcement first responders and/or investigative units

The SWAT Unit was established in August 2013 by the National Police Headquarters Operations Directorate to deal effectively with the Policing challenges in the society and play a vital role in enforcing laws, particularly in situations that regular patrol officers are not trained or equipped to handle.

The SWAT Unit utilizes highly trained, highly skilled law enforcement tactical operators when called upon to assist in the resolution of critical incidents. These elite professionals use their advanced training in weapons, teamwork and strategy to resolve crises.

There are several others, however, the above suffices in the context of this article. It is just to demonstrate that, the Police Service itself has internal institutional arrangements that make it capable of dealing with all our internal unrest. 

The soldiers on the other, as we all know are more conditioned for external aggression, unless the Police become handicapped in internal affairs, after it has exhausted all the units, even that, they are only called for support and not to lead. 

This is, and must be, the standard operating procedure. Anything contrary is a sheer unprofessionalism and the earlier all the security forces assert themselves and work by this basic rules of engagement, the batter for all. And until this is adhered to, these acts of military brutalities shall continue.

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