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Road Accident

The accident that occurred in Takoradi over 20 people in critical condition

"I had twenty travelers in my vehicle from Accra to Takoradi. It was this private vehicle driver that crossed me. I made an honest effort to apply the brakes however my front tire burst and the vehicle somersaulted". 

The Driver of a runner vehicle with enrollment number, GX - 7799-20 offered this expression after his vehicle collided with another vehicle on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. 

The lethal mishap occurred on the principle Takoradi to Accra Highway. In excess of twenty people were associated with the accident. 

The Sprinter driver who was making a beeline for Takoradi was crossed at the intersection of the fundamental Mpintsin Township by a Kia Sorento private vehicle with enrollment number WR 44-12. 

While trying to save the circumstance, the runner driver applied his brakes yet he burst one of his front tires simultaneously. 

The runner transport in the process collided with the private vehicle. The driver at that point failed to keep a grip on the vehicle and that landed him out and about. The runner transport toppled with every one of the travelers ready. 

It took the intercession of the Ghana National Fire Service and the MTTD to save the travelers who were caught in the vehicle. 

Luckily, no one passed on except for the vast majority of them supported genuine wounds that have landed them at the medical clinic for therapy. 

The driver requested absolution and reprimanded his tires for bombing him. He likewise pointed charging fingers at the private vehicle driver for being thoughtless and credited the whole pulverize to the doing of Satan. 

"The private driver came into my path and before I understood, there was no way around it. It was so sudden and I was unable to apply my brakes early so we smashed and my vehicle arrived in the shrub. I was not speeding, it would have been more regrettable than this. I had fourteen travelers who have supported different wounds. At the point when it happened my front tire impacted and that landed me down there. Excuse me, it was Satan that caused it". He noted. 

Meanwhile, the vehicle has been towed to the MTTD yard in Sekondi for additional examinations.

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