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7 Things Renamed By Ghanianss that Some People Even Forgot Their Original Names

7 Things Renamed By Ghanianss that Some People Even Forgot Their Original Names

Ghanianss have the gift and habit of renaming food items, name of individuals or places, animals and things around them. Sometimes, we even forgot the real name of these renamed things or individuals.

These renamed things are sometime on purpose while some are renamed due to ignorance of the actual name of the individual or thing involved.

Ghanians are cultured people and their knowledge is richly reflected in everything including humour. They are renowned for their sense of humour because they are not afraid to make fun out of everything. They define things beyond imagination and this evokes laughter any day.

We have pulled together things Ghanians will think are funny, some of these things can be really funny when reading .

1. Noodles modified to Indomie

Most people have cultivated the addiction of calling all Noddles Indomie. When Indomie is only a name for a specific employer that produces Noddles.

2. Dustpan to packer

People like calling those plastic materials used to put off dust and dust from the home, packer. But the real call is Dustpan and not packer. Packer is determined in industries.

3. Sneakers changed to canvas

You would not say am lying if I say it is not canvas, it is known as Sneakers.

4. Soft drinks modified to Minerals

The proper aspect to say is tender liquids not Minerals.

5) Plastic bag changed to Nylon

It is not known as Nylon, the right component is plastic bag. Nylon is it is nickname given by means of Ghanians.

6. Changed from bottle water to Eva Water

7. Detergent modified to Omo

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