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The Role Of The Youth In The Development Of Their Local Communities

In recent times, much concerns on the role of the youth in the development of their local communities have been expressed. The youth is said to be the most energetic and potential manpower of a nation ranging between the ages of fifteen and fifty years old.

Considering their age group and the potentials associated with it, one would have thought that they contribute more in the development of their local communities, which is definitely not the case here. The following are highlights on the role expected to be performed by the youth in the development of their local communities and problems they face in carrying out their respective roles

Involving themselves in all communal activities. Their effective participation in communal activities will equip them with the needed skills as they learn from the elders. Not only would they get practical solutions to problems but be abreast with current issues confronting their communities. If the youth work hand in hand with opinion leaders and consult them for advice, they will be able to improve the developmental activities of their communities.

Also, the youth who are well to do can give their money or even equipments to support developmental projects in their communities. Even the youth who are not financially stable can make themselves available for raising funds to sponsor developmental projects.

The youth can also play a role in the development of their communities by projecting the image of their communities. This they can do by keeping and respecting the good cultural practices of the community. They must get involved in communal labour in order to ensure the community has free labour for certain exercises like cleaning the environment by clearing chocked gutters and weeds.

The problems facing the youth in taking up their roles in development include urbanization. People travel from their villages to cities in search for better jobs so they can take care of their families. All this can be avoided by sending job opportunities to rural areas so the youth stay there and work and also play their role in developmental activities.

Another problem that deters the youth from performing their role in development is putting square pex in round holes. The youth earlier on was defined as most energetic, this means they are cut out for such jobs and positions that needs a lot of work to utilize their strength, but it is noticed that recently old people and people who are not supposed to be in such positions that needs a lot of work are placed there leaving the youth to misuse their energy and potentials in unproductive activities.

I think nations would grow faster than expected if the youth take up leadership mantel which requires a lot of work and also if they are pushed to perform their roles.

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