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A4 Sheet List Of People Nana Agradaa Scammed With Her Sika Gari Pops Up Online.

Nana Agradaa is now living a new life after demonstrating her repentance to the whole world. Prior to her conversion, she was well-known for her sika gari, where people who wanted to become wealthy quickly could send their hard-earned money to be doubled for them. All of these people were seen on her TV station confidently holding bags of cash and joyfully praising the priestess.

Many people are wondering what will happen to those whose money he has taken. Are they going to get their money back, or will it be one of the usual suspects in Ghana, such as DKM and others? Some people are also wondering if these people would put pressure on the government to pay them their money.

Nana Agradaa has a list of people she has scammed since she began her sika gari. The names of the people on the list are listed along with the amount of money they paid to get their money doubled or tripled. Gold was also sent by others.

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