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I heard someone shouting in the midst of the fire, that "Please get me out of Here" - Pastor Mbaya

We were in this Hell prison, Beloved, visiting people who had sekx in their minds. We were now on our way to another land where there were souls of people who had sekx with their eyes. While we were crossing the border between these territories, I noticed a huge rock on top of the valley with the words "Trees of Fire" written on it.

There were trees surrounding them, and fires were dripping from them. There were those who desired corruption, wickedness, and immorality. This is their punishment. When we arrived in this section of Hell, I saw a demon wielding a javelin and piercing the eyes of a massive man. “I'm pulling out our movies that you liked watching,” the demon said to this man.

The man cried out for help, but he was helpless. His body was decaying. He was resentful of all the popular movie episodes he was watching. “He used to watch erotic soap opera episodes,” the Lord said. Those who watch these Sekxual acts in movies are stained and defiled. Sekxual scenes in movies and soap operas allow demons to enter people's lives.”

“These movies are sent by the devil to stay in and defile humanity,” the Lord said. These films result in demonic possession. These people, whose thoughts are defiled, are attached to and bound in marriage with demons from Hell. If they do not repent, these movie demons will take their souls.”

“Whenever people watch images of nakedness on television, a doorway will be opened, and a demon will come out of the TV to capture their souls,” the Lord said. If the person watching the movie is a single man, the demon will write the word "Fornicator" and the number 666 on his forehead when it comes out of the TV. If you are married, he will write "Adulterer" and the number 666. When people watch sekxual scenes in soap operas and on television, they are marked with the number 666 by television demons.

“This man is pierced in his eyes because every member of the body that caused people to fall in Hell will be tormented,” the Lord said. This man's eyes were tormented because he was watching these movies. According to the Bible, if any part of your body causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away (Matthew 5:30).”

Then we kept moving, and in this section of Hell, I saw a man. He was of French origin. “Where am I?” he yelled. What exactly is this location?” When he saw the Lord, he asked, "Master, did I do something wrong when I separated the two fighting women?" “My son, one cannot see the nakedness of another, for this will be his part in the place of torment,” the Lord said.

“Lord, have mercy on my soul,” the Frenchman prayed. I didn't do it on purpose.” “My son, it is now too late,” the Lord said. The verdict has been delivered.” “One day, this man was passing,” the Lord said to me. He witnessed two women fighting. He felt compelled to act because no one wanted to separate them.

When he tried to separate them, one of the ladies landed blows on her opponent, exposing her breast. This image remained in the mind of the condemned man. Sisters who expose their body parts will not be able to flee.”

As we moved forward, I noticed a cell the size of a cage that looked like a house. A voice said and repeated the word "justice." Someone was yelling inside the house, "Please get me out!" I'm on fire. “How am I going to get out of here?” I immediately recognized the voice of this man, who was a friend of mine. This hole was named after him. “Lord, this is my friend,” I said. Please get him out of here.”

“It's too late,” the Lord said. The verdict has already been delivered.” “Do you know the lifestyle of your friend who was living with her girlfriend?” the Lord asked. “Yes, Lord,” I replied. I had a feeling they were together.” “When they were boyfriend and girlfriend, they were staying with their respective parents,” the Lord explained.

Your friend was frequently taking his phone and writing to her girlfriend, asking her for naked pictures. They were texting naked pictures to each other and he was masturbating with his girlfriend's pictures. On the phone, he was putting his genitalia on the body of his woman.”

“Because this was happening in their parents' homes, he was punished in Hell inside a model of his parents' house for seeing his girlfriend naked while she was in her parents' house. According to the Bible, the maid who is known in her parent's house must be stoned. And because we live in the grace epoch, this judgment takes place in the afterlife. His punishment was his parents' house.”

Brother, when the Lord showed me the tribunal of Satan, the devil said, "If we cannot conquer the world, we should mislead them."

“This is the way to lead humanity astray,” he told his collaborators.

I saw the devil take a device, which appeared to be a mobile phone, and present it to the demons. This was long before mobile phones became widely available on the planet.

“I have already conquered the world through radio and television,” the devil declared. I overcame by using communication tools. We will conquer humanity thanks to this new device known as the mobile phone, and we will win many souls through mobile phones. “I want every soul to have at least one demon from these phones.”

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Hell Here Mbaya


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