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A "clean" scheme used every time.

A young man landed a top job in a notable firm. Because of the company’s house allowance policy, he took money from the bank to find shelter. Instead of building a house, he stayed in fancy hotels to impress his crush, enjoying VIP treats. When time caught up with him, he bought a small land and raised a hut.

This man got lucky again; he got a house grant during the next business cycle. He would have thought he will still prefer living in hotels. As people don’t change their taste, he had to go back to his lifestyle. The money was enough to build a mansion, furnish it like those fancy hotels, but he didn’t understand why he should select that. Pondering further, you will realize he was stupid or had something to gain from choosing that way.

The young man is our sports ministry. Ghana spends so much on black stars alone, with no national benefit or reason for it. Current Sports Minister has proposed $25 million budget for our AFCON and World Cup campaigns. If this isn't a fraud scheme to siphon money from the country’s coffers, then we all don’t know what scam is. You cannot splash such an amount because of your desperate need for glory. For nothing at all, the best way is to plan.

Our quoted money is more than enough to build state-of-the-art sporting facilities, train our human resources, and set up an effective structure to govern our football. But no, we will rather spend it on touring other countries, paying huge wages as motivation, and rent fancy facilities. When you see such wickedness, the only reason is handlers stand to gain from our destructive system.

Should we achieve outlined targets, will we even benefit as a country? Short-term interest clouds the judgment, coupled with greed. If this isn’t deadlier than menzgold, what is it then?

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