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A 19-year-old boy lost his life in a swimming pool. Scary information




A long-term John Agyare referred to his companions as "Atta suffocated" following a fruitless endeavor to swim in the Existence Inn pool.


The departed, Atta, ventured out from home with his different kin and companions to go on the excursion, and around 11 p.m., I got a call from one of the young men he went with saying that he had been admitted to the Trinity emergency clinic after a bombed swim, as Senior Sister revealed.

"Atta suffocated after he endeavored to swim at a depth of 9 feet in the pool tonight," a wailing sibling describes.

We came around 7 p.m.; individuals were at that point leaving, so I let him know we ought to return, but he insisted we swim for some time before we returned home, despite the fact that it was so cold.

He drove me into the water and followed up; I saw myself battling to emerge; however, somebody helped me out, and yet he was swimming to the awe of all, yet later acknowledged he was not a single person in sight, so I asked those in the water, yet none offered me a positive response, which he imparted to tears.

The youthful sibling kept on saying he declared the MC, and a fast pursuit saw him under the water; an endeavor to revive him proved useless, and he was then raced to the Trinity medical clinic at Pankrono, where he was officially done for.

The Manponten police were called to the scene, got the body, and kept it at the Ebenezer mortuary for a forthcoming examination.

The administration of the existence of this gateway said in a voice discussion that they are helping the police through the examination and expectation for a goal.

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Atta John Agyare


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