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More and more young boys still rushing to Benin; find out why?

The Republic of Benin is a West African French-speaking country. Benin is well known for its famous brass works, wood and ivory carvings; some of these works are said to date from the 13th century. The population of Benin as at 2019 was about 11.8 million.

The Republic of Benin is the birthplace of the voodoo religion; and home to the former Dahomey Kingdom from circa 1600–1900. 

Many West African youth especially from Ghana, believe that, Benin has many powerful fetish priests/priestesses and mallams, with spiritual powers to help solve their pressing problems; and so for some times now, the country (Benin) has become the powerful juju hub for some Ghanaians boys, who visit the country, for juju money or quick money, or for some kind of fraud and scams. 

We have seen and heard many of our young boys; and also the girls, complaining that the street is hot, and the country is boiling them with poverty; and that they won't sit down for poverty to kill them, and so are on pressure… with no choice than to visit Benin to change their destiny. 

In summary, more and more desperate young Ghanaian boys; and some girls, are still rushing to Benin for the purpose of attaining spiritual powers, and to make money. For them, it’s all about survival… ‘man must survive any how’.

Can the desperate for wealth, lead you to Benin for spiritual money?

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