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"Do Street Beggars Really In Need" - Disable Beggar Is Seen Walking Normally To Her Home At Night

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A lady who pretends to be disable and begs on the streets with her child tied at her back has got many social media users reacting as photos of hers walking to her home after a good day work went viral on the internet. Do all these beggars we find on the streets really need help or some of them are playing mind games? You can share your views with us below the comment section.

Just as the Bible says, we should give out a helping hand to those in need and as we do to our neighbours we have also done same for God. There are also more blessings in giving than receiving. With all these teachings in the holy Bible, many people around the world find it very difficult to deny people a helping hand especially here in Africa.

The occurrences that exists in life some times are very complicated to be comprehended by normal human beings. Am sure that majority of us have come across several people who asked us to help them with some amount of money for food? Do you think people should stop giving out help be it in cash or kind to random people who claim they need help? Some of them even have all their body parts intact which they can use to work, sweat and make ends meet but it seems there is more gain in begging which they find very interesting. A perfect example is this lady being discussed in this article.

According to reports, the lady who is between the ages of 40 to 45 years of age is always seen on the street together with her child begging for money. People who have come into contact with the lady know her to be physically challenged with her baby on her back. She is always seen crawling in the streets as she begs for money from kind-hearted people in order to cater for herself and child due to her condition.

The grownup lady has shocked many people as photos of hers walking at night went viral on the internet. The lady was seen in the same dress that she wore during the day to beg for money as a physically challenged person during the night as she walked to her home with smiles on her face after a good day’s work.

What are your takes on this? Should we stop giving out money to people on the streets? Your views are welcomed below.

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