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Theft robbery

Armed robber challenges Dampare and his boys to a gun fight after suspected murder, Police grabs him

A suspected murderer and an armed robber has been apprehended by the Ghana police service. This is a notorious and wicked robber who shows no mercy to his victims.

It’s either you are killed or spared when you are before him and that gives you a 50/50 chance at life. He threatens you in every possible way and when he is not having the best of days, he ends your life.

The Ghana police claim they have tailed him and haunted him down for quite sometime but this has been futile since he is good with covering his tracks.

The police suspected him to be hiding in the eastern region and operating under a low profile but Dampare is not here to joke.

Every corner that harbors any thief or armed robber or the wicked men of the streets is spitting out these murderers one after the other and this is all due to the competence of our new IGP.

According to the police, the man was found at Adeisu in the eastern region of Ghana and was in a very intensive gun fight with the police.

He was arrested with several weapons in his possession and fired at the police but Dampare’s boys did not come to joke around.

The kind of image the Ghana police is putting out there is indeed a very good one and we must commend them for that.

No one is above the law and since the law binds us together, any man born of flesh and blood needs to abide by these rules unless he or she does not want to be a part of this wonderful country.

Dampare is being awarded as usual with the credit majorly going to the police department and the patrol teams who are ensuring that our roads are safe and our houses are protected.

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