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Female Teacher Caught Red-Handed in Dormitory With Student, Sentenced to 8 Months in Jail

 A 35-year-old female teacher has been sentenced to jail for eight months for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old female student several times in dormitory. An alleged teacher by the name Aimee Jones was reportedly arrested for sexually assaulting a sixth-grade student many times in the school dormitory when other teachers were absent.

When the victim's parents spotted text messages on their son's phone between the suspected teacher and their daughter, they alerted the police, according to the police reports. The victim's counsel informed the court that the suspect beckoned and wanted to meet the victim after the evening sessions a few minutes before the start of the classes.

The victim went to visit the teacher as planned, and the teacher informed her that she wanted to speak with her privately. Due to her hectic schedule, she agreed to meet her outside the dining hall of the school's dormitories.

The accused teacher Found the girl already standing outside the Hall's main door, where he forced her her to perform an act in the dormitory repeatedly with him. Both the accused and his victim were seen holding hands in a park, and then touching each other sexually in the car thereafter.

An 8-month jail sentence for sexual activity is confirmed by the High Court's Chief Magistrate, according to his words. Do You think this teacher deserved to be jailed and the victim the girl deserved prison as well. Are you in support of teacher having affairs with his student.

Why are teachers and students having affairs nowadays is it a welcome development because I totally see nothing wrong in it except when forced. What do you think about teacher and student romantic relationship?

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