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More Witnesses: She Was Pregnant And Could Not Even Walk~ Aggrieved Eyewitnesses Fires MP.

Mr. Okyere Darko, a member of parliament from Takoradi and a regional minister, has gotten himself into difficulty for statements he made regarding the pregnant woman who was supposedly kidnapped. According to reports in the media, the victim pretended to be pregnant and was kidnapped. Several people who know the 28-year-old woman have come forward to say that she was indeed pregnant and that the member of parliament should have done more study before making those rash statements.

These were some of the comments made by a number of residents who knew the lady directly.

"Resident No. 1"

It's never true that Josephine wasn't expecting a child. I saw her the day before she disappeared, and I can witness to the fact that she was significantly pregnant and unable to move well.

2nd Resident

She used to come to us every day to buy groceries. She couldn't even bend down to eat on occasion, proving that she was pregnant and did not fake it, as the minister claimed. When I heard this statement from him, I was really dissatisfied.

3rd Resident

I have a photo of her that clearly shows how large her stomach was. Because it is so close to me, I snapped the image myself. By making that remark about the lady, the member of parliament did not perform well.


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