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'Give us guns' - Taadi youth reportedly requests

Takoradi has been in the news lately for all the wrong and right reasons.

Three girls were reported missing not too long ago. Efforts were made to reunite them once again with their families, but these efforts subsequently proved futile.

It later out that these girls have been murdered in cold blood.

The man behind that wicked act have been arrested and arraigned before a court of competent judicature.

A few days ago, the Ghanaian media space was flooded with reports of the 'kidnap' of a heavily pregnant woman, Josephine Payin Mensah in Takoradi.

The security agencies were charged once again to locate the victim and reunite her with her family.

Before the security agencies could locate her whereabout, Josephine reappeared under a particular circumstance which is now considered to be bizarre.

It has eventually been unravelled that claims that Josephine was kidnapped were untrue and that she faked her own kidnap.

The police has also established that Josephine isn't also pregnant as it was alleged

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, the #FixTheCountry movement demonstrated against what they perceive to be bad governance on the streets Takoradi in the Western Region.

Speaking on TV XYZ's 'Abranaa so', on Saturday, Ernesto Yeboah, a leading member of the #FixTheCountry movement revealed that the youth of Takoradi requested from him, guns to attack politicians.

"Every single ghetto I entered, the people said, 'give us guns'." Ernesto Yeboah said.

According to him, the youth claimed they were hungry because of the widespread corruption and thievery but those within the corridors of power.

He added that hundreds of unemployed young men in those areas asked for such weapons to attack politicians believing that politicians were the cause of their hunger.

Ernesto Yeboah decried the high standard of living in the country and admonished the government to deal with the rising unemployment situation in the country.

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