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Natural disaster



Watch how this young boy was saved by two brave men from flood.

Humanitarian work has always been important in our lives; without it, we'd all be savages on this earth. People appear to be preoccupied with themselves to the point where they find no cause to assist others or come to their aid when they are in desperate need.

While some see no motive to help others, others prioritize preserving people's lives, and this is what makes humanity so lovely.

A video that appeared on the internet today depicted the beauty of humanity. The video shows a boy trapped in a heavy and terrifying flood. This young man was perched on a taxi that was also stranded in the flood. This poor man was attempting to save himself by moving as far away from the flood as possible.

A horrible incidence occurred when he was attempting to save his life. The boy was going to be swept up by the water when he tumbled into it.

Eye witnesses began calling for help, and just when we thought all hope had been lost, two young men appeared out of nowhere to rescue the youngster, making the people in the area ecstatic that the boy's life had been saved.

Despite the fact that some believe the person who took the video should have been the one to save the boy's life. We are grateful to God that he was saved by several brave men.

Watch the video here

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