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Two-Year Baby Miraculously Saved By A Passerby

When a 2-year-old girl dropped from the 12th floor of an apartment building in Hanoi, she was miraculously rescued by a passerby.

“I was sitting in the car, waiting to deliver some belongings for a client in the opposite building when I heard a baby bawling, just thinking she was yelled by her mothers,” the man who saved her said.

However, as soon as I heard someone crying for help, I got out of the car and looked around, only to see a girl climbing out of the balcony. I jumped out of the car as quickly as I could and found a way into a nearby house. I climbed to the top of a 2-meter-high tile roof to find a good vantage point for capturing the girl.

I tried my hardest to reach out and catch the girl with my hand. When the baby falls, all I have to do is ward her off so she doesn't hit the ground. Fortunately, the baby landed in my lap, and the two of us landed on the sheet roof. I rushed to hug her, then saw blood pouring from her mouth, and I was terrified.”

The baby girl was taken to the hospital with a fractured arm and leg, while the man was taken to the hospital with a minor sprain.

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