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Road Accident

Breaking: Long Trailer Causing Accident On Kasoa Road.

Accidents in Ghana has been on the rise since the year began and statistics shows that there has been more accidents this year, 2021 than last year. Most of these accidents are caused by careless acts of some drivers. Some attribute some of these happenings to poor roads and so on.

Just this morning, a long trailer carrying certain goods has caused a huge traffic on the Kasoa road as a result of careless driving. According to certain witnesses, he moved from his lane into a different lane which he shouldn't have and ended up colliding with another vehicle.

Most of these trailer drivers drive tired since they travel long distances most of the time to deliver their goods or offload their items. Instead of them to pull over or park their trucks in a convenient place and rest, they choose to still drive and they end up hurting others who are innocently driving on this same roads with them.

This accident could have been prevented if he stayed in his lane and drove accordingly. As to whether he was sleeping or overspeeding in order to get to his destination on time we are yet to know.

Most of these truck or trailer drivers need continuous education on road safety measures to prevent all such accidents caused by overspeeding, driving tired, and careless driving. They have actually become a burden on our roads since most of them think they can threaten other small vehicles because they are in huge trucks.

Some even smoke weed and drink heavily before sitting behind their steer wheels.

The Ministry of Roads and Highways Authority should rise, collaborate with Ghana Police Service and deal with issues like this on our roads to prevent certain untimely deaths.

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