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Over 27 Long Vehicles Stacked On Sigre (Hain - Joesph) Road For Over 24 Hours Now. [Photos]

The government needs to resolve this issue drastically as over 27 long vehicles are stacked on Sigre road.

A Facebook post made on Upper West Media today revealed that about twenty-seven (27) long vehicles are apparently stacked on Site road that is the road between Hain and Jirapa. The long vehicles include articulators, fuel tankers, cargos, and many more. These vehicles are reportedly transporting various goods such as fuel, fertilizers, and etcetera but they are all unable to reach their destination for the past 24 hours as their movement was impeded. Apparently, two of the long vehicles are stacked on the road blocking the movement of the other vehicles. Until those two vehicles have been moved, there will be no movement of the other vehicles. 

This problem could be attributed to bad roads. According to Nana Akufo-Addo's government, this year is the year for roads but this particular road problem needs a drastic measure in order to be solved. As the saying goes, "time is money" and as such, any more time wasted on the road is resulting in a loss of money to the owners of these vehicles. 

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